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Easy access to traffic counts from Western Australia

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What is trafficmap?

Trafficmap provides easy access to view and download traffic counts collected across the state. Working closely with industry, trafficmap has been tailored to deliver services to drive effective traffic management decisions.

Traffic counts are a mix of short term samples and continuous collections on state roads, significant local roads and cycle paths collected over the past six years. Counts include the number of vehicles travelling past a location and where it can be determined the type and speed of vehicles.

Traffic counts are supported by additional information collected at traffic signal intersections and video surveys to supply a complete view of traffic movements.

More than 4000 traffic counts
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How to use trafficmap

View data collections points on the map

See count sites in context and know quickly what data is available for your area of interest.

View a summary of traffic counts

Mouse over locations to get a quick summary of the latest figures at a glance.

See detailed traffic data and explore patterns

Chart the last six years of data to see growth or view the hourly flow at a location. See how vehicle speeds change throughout the day.

Filter your search by year or vehicle type

See only what you need by changing the available years or restricting the type of vehicle count.

Download reports and spreadsheets

A variety of reports are available for vehicle volumes, speeds and type. All the data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

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